Auction night video

December 16, 2009

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Adams & Smith: auction night

December 2, 2009

Thanks to all those that turned up for the auction, and especially those that bid. Mr Lynch, our appropriately named auctioneer of late-Capitlaist era artefacts, and Anthony, our master of ceremonies did stirling work in rousing the mob.

The money raised has been handed over to people going to protest at the Copenhagen summit, to pay for either puncture repair kits, or towards legal fees.

October 28, 2009

C-Words at the Arnolfini has picked up some press over at the Guardian. They’ve taken the ‘artists to use public money to fund anti-state activity’ angle. Not so new news.

Catalogue now available

October 27, 2009

Buy the 36 page book or order a download at

Auctioneer announced

October 27, 2009

We have pleasure in announcing Noel Lynch, Green activist and professional auctioneer, has agreed to be auctioneer for the 28th November sale.

Adams & Smith

October 27, 2009


Welcome to Adams & Smith, auctioneers of late-Capitalist era artefacts.

The year is 2034.

The era of free market capitalism and neo liberalism is well and truly over, and a new world order has taken its place.

In its wisdom, the Federal Council of Autonomous Zones has issued a directive abolishing all cash transactions. To celebrate, Adams & Smith proudly offer 13 lots of genuine, once ubiquitous late capitalist artefacts taken from the Hollington & Kyprianou estate.

Each lot reveals a curious aspect of that bygone age, shedding light on the odd and dangerously contradictory practices of the time. With provenance certified by Tamasin Cave of SpinWatch, each lot unearths the unsavoury history connecting government, big business and the lobbying industry.

With this last ever auction, Adams & Smith are pleased to offer you a final opportunity to bring the trappings of late-Capitalism back into your life.